I choose happiness…

If for some reason you didn’t realize it, I will remind you again…Tuesday is election day here in the states.
Make sure you find time to go to the polls and vote. Our future depends on it.

Since this isn’t a political blog, I will keep my political beliefs to myself. I would love to tell you who to vote for on Tuesday, but I will respect what Linus once said: “There are three things I have learned never to discuss with people: religion, politics, and the Great Pumpkin.”

However, Tuesday might be a great opportunity to discuss all the choices we face on a daily basis with your students.
Cereal or Waffles? Jeans or Khakis? Shoes or Sandals? Hot Lunch or Cold Lunch? Pen or Pencil? Romney or Obama?

Every day we have a choice. This or that. That or this. Just make sure your kids make the best of it when they choose.
I know I will while I am tapping that screen at the polling station tomorrow.

David Choi-I Choose Happiness
Lyrics | Buy on iTunes

If you missed my Election day playlist that was posted last week, here it is again….Headin’ to the Polls


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