Teaching Similes 80’s style

No matter what kind of music you listen to, odds are that somewhere in the song is a simile comparing something to another. Similes are literally everywhere we turn.
Like a Bird, Like a G6, Like a Rolling Stone, Like a Natural Woman.

The other day I linked my blog to Teaching Maddness for a linky party. While I was reading the post, it mentioned her love for the 80’s.

And then I thought…doesn’t everyone love the 80’s?

Well, considering the 80’s was about twenty years now before your students were even born, the reality is your students probably don’t know much about that time period. Music from the 80’s is considered “Oldies” to them.

What better way to teach them not only about the 80’s and the amazing music from the decade but also about the similes that one can hear while listening to music.

Checkout the playlist below…your students will be rocking like Jon Bon in no time.

Dead or Alive-You Spin Me Round
Lyrics | Buy on iTunes

Duran Duran-Hungry Like The Wolf
Lyrics | Buy on iTunes

The Bangles-Walk Like An Egyptian
Lyrics | Buy on iTunes

Bon Jovi-Bad Medicine
Lyrics | Buy on iTunes

Patrick Swayze-She’s Like The Wind
Lyrics | Buy on iTunes


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