Teaching Puns with Owl City

If you are familiar with Owl City (think Fireflies or Good Time), then you are probably familiar that his lyrics are extremely entertaining and though provoking. They are very imaginative and force the listener to listen closely to every word that is being said. Oh yeah…and they are filled with puns.

If you are looking for some songs to teach your students about what a pun is all about, then Owl City is the artist for you.

Below is a list of four of his songs that have numerous puns throughout.

Dental Care
“I’ve been to the dentist a thousand times so I know the drill”

“When hygienists leave on long vacations
That’s when dentists scream and lose their patience”

“Golf and alcohol don’t mix
And that’s why I don’t drink and drive”

The Bird & The Worm
“Then we’ll take a long walk
Through the cornfield
And I’ll kiss you
Between the ears”

“With fronds like these, who needs anemones?”

Cave In
“Please take a long hard look
Through your text book cause I’m history”

“Cause riding a dirt bike down a turn pike
Always takes its toll on me”

“Get me out of this cavern or I’ll cave in
(I’ll cave in, I’ll cave in…)”

Rugs From Me To You
Toupee or not toupee
That is the question
It refused to stay as it all turned grey;
William Shakespeare’s receding hair
Please excuse the pun,
‘It’s hair today, gone tomorrow’
So be thankful
For what precious locks you have

Toupee or not toupee
That is the question
And by the way
I just gotta say
Thank the Lord I’m not going bald
And if I may quip
My curls and I
Are just like heaven
‘Cause rest assured
There’ll be no parting there

But should my head get bare like Friar Tuck
(Our chase to swallow)
It makes me smile
‘Cause I know just what I’d do

Yeah if I had more wigs than I knew what to do with
I’d open a secondhand store
And if you ever went bald
You’d recall it
‘Cause I’d cleverly call it
‘Rugs From Me To You’


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