I choo-choo-choose you…Valentine’s Day Tunes

I can still remember lying on the floor in my dining room filling out the Valentine’s Day cards for my classmates. It was a pretty big deal for a young kid and I can remember the dilemmas that I would go through.

Should I give one to Natalie? I don’t want people to think I like her.

Should I write from or love? Who am I fooling, I don’t know what love is.

Should I give the biggest card to my teacher? How embarrassing is that.

Regardless what decisions I made, I always remembered how exciting the Valentine’s Day party was. We would tape up a small brown paper bag to the back of our desks and walk around and deliver the cards to our classmates. We didn’t care if it was a Hallmark holiday, we just cared that there was a potential of getting some conversation hearts.

I am sure things have changed over the years (that was over 20 some years ago). Brown paper bags are probably a thing of the past. He-Man and G.I. Joe cards are now replaced by Justin Bieber and Sponge Bob cards. We walked around passing out valentines while listening to “Skidamarink” while today’s kids are listening to 22 fun filled, cupid loving Valentine’s Day songs. (…well only if their teacher is hooked up with the playlist below.)

Enjoy the Valentine’s Day party this week and try and make it the most memorable V-Day party of their young lives.


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