A Big Thank You to Everyone….It’s Giveaway Time! Well, Almost…

When I started this blog out back in October of 2012, I really had no idea what to expect. Would anyone really ever visit it? Would it actually be helpful for teachers? Would I get bored and stop posting after a few weeks?

Well, the response has been amazing. It appears as though teachers are actually enjoying using this site and have started to spread the word about how it can help in the classroom.

In order to thank everyone who has helped make this blog a success, I am going to be completing my first giveaway.

If you look on the homepage, you can see as of the morning of February 23, I have approximately 28 followers (hoping by the time you read this, that number has increased.)

The giveaway will take place once I pass the 50 follower mark. Should be pretty easy to accomplish. Write about this in your blog, Share this on Facebook, Send out a mass tweet, Write an email to your teacher friends, Pin it on Pinterest, Print something out and post on your teacher’s lobby bulletin board. The quicker I get to 50 followers, the quicker the giveaway will be.

There will be a few minor requirements when it comes time to do the drawing. Still deciding on all rules, but the first requirement is that you must be following this blog.

I created a poll below to help determine what would be the best giveaway. Fill it out and let me know your thoughts.

Thanks again everybody!



2 thoughts on “A Big Thank You to Everyone….It’s Giveaway Time! Well, Almost…

    • Type spotify:user:theclassroomdj into the Search bar on Spotify. You should then see an option to “Follow” me.
      I have run into trouble in the past attempting to follow others on Spotify as the username doesn’t always appear. Not sure if I can help, if that is the case.

      In order to be eligible for the giveaway, you need to follow me on this blog not on Spotify. Go to the homepage and enter your email address into the Follow section (on the right hand side.)

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