Hip Hop Transitions

From the Request Line:

I am a 4th and 5th grade teacher and I am looking for music to use during transitions between subjects, moving from their desks to the carpet, clean up time, etc. A lot of the music I have found either winds the students up or it’s too old for them to know.


I received the request above from Polly on the Request Line. After a few emails back and forth, it was determined that she wanted to try some type of hip hop beat with her students. I have a feeling it might get the kids wound up, but if that is what the kids are listening to these days…the hip-hop, then the hip-hop is what they shall get to move to the carpet or to form a line. Good luck keeping the kids in order while listening to these five songs. They are all instrumental versions that last between 30-50 seconds.

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis-Thrift Shop (35 seconds)

Chris Brown-Yeah 3x (33 seconds)

JayZ-Bonnie & Clyde (34 seconds)

JayZ-I Just Wanna Love You (48 seconds)

Gwen Stefani-Hollaback Girl (40 seconds)



2 thoughts on “Hip Hop Transitions

  1. I can’t get any of your music except the Dr. Seuss ones. I downloaded spotfy and I can only get one of them. Suzanna Dixon


    • Hi Suzanna,
      I notice that you subscribed to the Dr. Seuss playlist on Spotify. That is why you are able to see that playlist on your Spotify. If you access the site, you should be able to view the playlists right on the web. By clicking the play button for the playlist or song, it should automatically play on Spotify (that you have on your computer). Let me know if you need any further guidance.

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