Raising some money for the teachers…

I came across a pretty neat website today called GoFundMe.com

Basically the premise is anyone can create a page where people can visit and ultimately donate money to a cause. It doesn’t matter if it is for medical bills, to fulfill a dream or even to help pay for a trip. If you create a good enough reason for people to donate, then people will donate. It’s that simple.

I started thinking about how I would love to utilize the site in some fashion to help out with this site. And so I created my GoFundMe page.


Now…I am by no means asking you guys to go donate to help out (unless of course you really want to), but what I thought would be neat is if people (I mean people out there in Internet land) helped donate money to ultimately go towards purchasing gift cards for you guys. You guys are the ones that put in hours and hours of work and ultimately are stuck spending your own hard earned money for the latest Writing Craftivity from Deanna Jump or the newest Literacy Center from Cara Carroll (My wife helped me with those ones).

Now if you guys were to share that link on your Facebook and on your Twitter and on your Pinterest boards, and people donated towards the fund…well that means that I will be giving these gift cards right back to you. Who wouldn’t love a $25 gift card to TPT to spend tomorrow?


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