Social Media

When I first started this blog, I really didn’t fully understand the power of social media. But after about four months of making playlists and putting song suggestions out there for you teachers, I have realized that I need to be out there on all the big sites.

So here is the list below…

Pinterest (
Twitter (@TheClassroomDJ)
Facebook (Check out the icon to the right on the homepage).

I put out a challenge to everyone that when I got to 50 followers here on WordPress, I would have my first giveaway (See this post). It appears that I still need some help.

As of this post, I am at 31 followers on WordPress, 17 followers at Pinterest and 0 followers/friends on both Twitter and Facebook (I just signed up for those).

I will change up my challenge a bit to help get the first giveaway under way.

I will now add up the amount of followers between the four main social networks (WordPress, Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook) and when I get to 60 total, well the gift card giveaway will begin. Literally about 12-13 teachers could follow me on all four sites and we would be at 60 in no time. Considering we are already at 48, it would take about three new teachers to follow to reach the goal.

There is no reason with the power of social media, I shouldn’t be able to get this goal accomplished within the next couple days.

Thanks again for supporting this blog and hopefully everyone has enjoyed it as much as I have enjoyed putting music out there for you hard working teachers.


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