Take Me Out To The Ballgame…

I received a request a few weeks back…

Dear Classroom DJ,

We are big Chicago Cub fans here in my classroom. We get excited when Opening Day approaches and the baseball season begins. Could you, would you create a baseball music playlist? We would be forever grateful!
and GO CUBS!!!

With opening day about 15 days away (March 31st), what better way to get geared up for baseball season with your students then with baseball music. Since the request above was for a teacher that is a Cubs fan, if you click the Cubs logo below, you will be able to listen to a Cubs geared playlist. If you see your favorite team below, well then you are in luck. Go ahead and click the logo and you will get a specialized playlist for your favorite team that includes a couple additional songs that are featured at that stadium. Obviously there are quite a few cities that are not covered, so I also added a general baseball playlist for everyone.

Also, since there are so many songs that are team related that aren’t on Spotify, I had to add a few YouTube videos on the different team pages below. Hopefully your school district won’t block those and you can enjoy them with your students.

If you want to see your team added below, please leave me a comment and I will do my best to add them (Of course make sure you give me some suggestions of what reminds you of your team).

Hope everyone enjoys!

Baltimore Boston
Chicago Cubs Chicago
Cleveland New York Mets
New York Yankees Pittsburgh


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