Using an Alarm Clock in the Classroom

About a month ago, there was a question on the Suggestion Box from Natalie:

Do you know of any way to make songs alarms that only play once??? trying to figure out how I can manage using songs without having to physically play the song each time. It would be so nice to have an alarm I didnt even need to think about. Only problem is that when I add alarms to my iphone, they keep playing over and over again. I only want the alarm to go off once and that’s let me know if you have any ideas! THANKS! =)

After emailing back and forth with Natalie trying to determine exactly what she wanted, I was finally able to come up with a neat solution for her. Problem is this solution is for PC users, but I will also include a link for Mac users. I am not a Mac guy so I am not able to fully explain how to use it for the Mac.

Anyways, check out this alarm clock that can be downloaded for the PC at this location:

Once the alarm clock is downloaded and installed on your computer, it couldn’t be easier to set up and use.

Once the alarm is up and running, go ahead and click the + Add button.

Alarm 1








A new menu will open up with options for setting the alarm clock.

Alarm 2













This is where you can decide exactly when the alarm should go off, what audio file should be played and whether or not you would like the audio file to repeat.

In the example below, I have set an alarm that will go off every weekday at 2:45pm. The name of the alarm is called “Dismissal – Bye Bye Bye”. Naming the alarm becomes important if you have more than one alarm set. It will help you differentiate what alarms are running. I have chosen NSync-Bye Bye Bye as the audio file that will play by clicking the Browse button and locating the audio file on my computer.

Alarm 3













Once all the settings are chosen, click the OK button and now the alarm is queued up. From the screenshot below, you can see the alarm is set and ready to go. In addition, you can see the next 3 alarms that are set. So far, since only one alarm has been set up, it shows the same alarm for the next 3 days.

Alarm 4








If I want to create a full day’s worth of alarm sounds/files to go off during the school day, all you have to do is repeat the above steps and set the correct time and days.

In the example below, I have set alarm clock to go off as soon as the children arrive, for gym class, for lunch time and of course for dismissal at the end of the day.

Alarm 5








A few extra thoughts on using this program:

-I would suggest unchecking the “Loop” option when you set an alarm, unless of course you want the song to be repeated. If the alarm is not on loop, the song will stop after the first time.

-I would also suggest keeping the “Wake up computer from Sleep Mode” checked so that in case your computer has been idle for too long, the alarm will still automatically go off.

-The audio files that are used for this program must be downloaded on your computer for them to work. Unfortunately this will not work with Spotify at this time, but I imagine soon enough, someone will develop an alarm clock that will use Spotify to play the songs.

-If you are interested in only using a 30 second snippet of a song instead of the whole song, there are tons of mp3 audio editors online that can be used to help shorten the song. If anyone is interested in a post on using one of them, please let me know and I would be happy to write one up.

-Don’t forget to have speakers that are turned on with the volume up plugged into your computer or else the alarm will go off in silence:(
-Here is the link to the Mac alarm clock:

Hopefully these alarm clocks can be used by everyone and please make sure to practice using the program before using it in class. Imagine if you mess up the AM/PM on the clock. That could be trouble!

Alarm Clock

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