Back to School…Ring The Bell

Back to School….Ring The Bell.

Whether or not you are ready, the first day of school is right around the corner. It may have already started for some of you, but for the rest of you, keep enjoying the last couple weeks of summer before another year kicks off.

If you have been following this blog the past year, you will know that I didn’t start writing it until late October, meaning I missed providing a Back to School playlist. I was trying to think of what songs would fit and make sense to play for your students when they arrive on day one and I realized I have already covered most of them. (See the Morning Melodies section).

I started trying to think what song I would play on the first day of school and each morning as my students entered the class room and I found the perfect song (at least in my opinion). Somehow of all the songs I have suggested the past year, I never once posted a Jack Johnson song.

Jack Johnson-We’re Going To Be Friends


And for those of you who like the original version better…here is The White Stripes version.

Regardless of what version you prefer, I know I would love to play this song for my students (wait a second…I don’t have any students) on the first day and probably every day of school.

Hope everyone has a great year and I am looking forward to helping everyone fill their classrooms with music!

Back to School

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