How It Works

If you have ever wanted to incorporate music into your classroom, but either didn’t know what songs to play for your students, or really didn’t have the time to get anything together, then you are at the right place.

Imagine having a site where there were not only suggestions of songs to play when the children arrive in the morning, leave at the end of day, in between subjects, and any other time you might want to play music, but also a site where you can physically plug in your speakers to your computer at your desk, and just like that…your own personal Classroom DJ.

The best part about the songs that you will see on this site is that they are 100% legal. Meaning all songs that are shown are licensed songs and the artists do get paid.

Next to each song that you will find here, you will see a small player that looks like this…

Go ahead…click that Play button. of two things just happened…
1) You thought to yourself…”What a great song to play to get my students to get their Science books and folders out of their desk and ready to learn.”
2) That player where you just clicked play…now is saying Download Spotify.

In order to take advantage of what the Classroom DJ can do for you and your class, you must have Spotify downloaded on your computer.

It literally takes less than five minutes to get signed up and ready to go. But once you have Spotify downloaded on your computer, basically anytime you see that player throughout the site, you are just a click away from the songs.

Spotify is totally free to download and use and best of all it is 100% legal too.

Well how in the world do the artists get paid? Thanks for asking…..Well the only catch is that after about four or five songs that you hear on Spotify, you have to listen to a 20-30 second advertisement. Really a small price to pay. And if you aren’t down to listen to those ads, well then they also offer monthly subscriptions where you can listen to music completely ad-free.

Imagine you were throwing a Beach party for your students or a Halloween party. Well of course you aren’t going to be able to sit at your desk and keep searching for songs to play, but imagine if multiple songs were already queued up and ready to go.

So maybe, that playlist isn’t your style or fit your needs…well then head over to the Request Line and drop me a line for what you are looking for. Maybe you are looking for a two song playlist to play while your students head to the restroom, or an End of Week playlist to celebrate on Friday. You can email me or leave a message in the comments. Just let me know exactly what you are looking for and I will post the playlist or song suggestions to the site.

Disclaimer #1…there is a very good chance that when you go to visit this site on your school’s Internet, you will be blocked from accessing it. Well, there are two options:
1) Go to the person in charge of making decisions and tell them you need The Classroom DJ!!
2) Follow the links next to the songs where you can purchase the songs on iTunes and then you can play on your own.

For the songs that have been added to this site, I have done my best to scan over the lyrics to make sure there is no profanity or innapropriate lyrics being sung.

Disclaimer #2…However, I would highly recommend that you listen to all the songs that you are going to be playing in front of your students or check out the links next to the songs to view the lyrics.

Hope everyone enjoys and ultimately hopefully the Classroom DJ becomes a vital part of your classroom and lessons.