Suggestion Box

What music do you play for your students? Leave a comment below to share with everyone…

Tell us the grades or subjects that you teach, the songs you play in your classroom and any other info that you would like to share



11 thoughts on “Suggestion Box

  1. I play a lot of classical music in my second grade classroom. My students ask for me to turn it on when they are working and remind me when I forget!

  2. I love all the playlists! My kids really enjoyed the St. Patrick’s Day songs, but my personal favorite is Centerfield, from the new baseball songs playlist! Love, love, love it! Thanks Classroom DJ!

  3. I play “Happy Birthday” by the Beatles for students on their birthday and let them rock out with an inflatable guitar. For the shy students, like I always was, I let them pick volunteers to perform with or for them. There are always volunteers!

  4. I use a lot o School House Rock. When we visited the capital, I had the kids singing the preamble. I even just as background music. Hey, maybe they will pick up something.

  5. Do you know of any way to make songs alarms that only play once??? trying to figure out how I can manage using songs without having to physically play the song each time. It would be so nice to have an alarm I didnt even need to think about. Only problem is that when I add alarms to my iphone, they keep playing over and over again. I only want the alarm to go off once and that’s let me know if you have any ideas! THANKS! =)

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